Joining together my two passions of Curling and Role Playing games, Curling Quest offers the latest in fantasy sports combat gaming. Take up your broom and save Granite Island from the evil King Rodgeric.

Built with a C# Unity front end and an AWS powered Java backend.

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Our configurable case management software, Penelope, helps hundreds of social service and nonprofit organizations around the world work more efficiently while making their clients’ lives easier. It was designed specifically to meet the reporting, billing, and service tracking needs of agencies like yours, all while keeping client data safe.

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Put on your hat and head for the dig site – it's dinosaur hunting time! In Frantic Fossils you race against rival paleontologists to unearth the latest finds. Use traditional tools such as the divining rod, or opt for a more modern approach and utilize dynamite.

Frantic Fossils was my first game as Lead Developer as well as prototypical game for our new design process. As a smash success, it quickly become one of Industry Corporation's most popular app store title.

Through this game, I discovered my passion for visual effects. Seeing sprites blend together to create sand storms and explosions sparked something inside of me. I keep that feeling close to me as I continue to add visual embellishment to all the projects I have worked on since.

Putting on the mask of the main character and suspending all disbelief is one of favourite pass times. As such, role-playing games will always be one of my favourite genres. When I saw Mayhem in Single Valley™ 's, satirical sense of humour combined with hint of anarchy, it didn't take too much convincing to get me involved the project.

Help guide Jack though Single Valley – a place where things aren't what they seem. When his home town is attacked by and unknown force, Jack vows to save it. A series of strange encounters leads Jack to believe he might be no more than a series of ones and zeros inside a computer program. Will Jack save his hometown? Only you can decide.

Featuring Olympic and Major League athletes, the Industry Sports library includes five action packed games designed to exhilarate and inspire kids to follow their dreams of becoming the next sports legends.

Created for public arcade kiosks, the greatest challenge of these games was integrating each sport's unique physics into the underlying Unity engine. In the end, everything tuned out great! One of my treasured moments of this project was hearing triple-A athletes saying how they enjoyed the games.
When space-time anomalies cause unexpected asteroid fields to appear in dangerous places, the space cadets Zip and Zap arrive on the scene to help! The recent release of Zip Zap 2: Cosmic Odyssey gave us the chance to revamp the original gameplay of Zip Zap in new and exciting ways.

In addition to randomly generated levels, the new title challenges the player with 300 hand designed levels. Alongside core gameplay programming and visual effects, I developed the level editor and designed a third of the levels. Comparing these two projects has been a great way to see how well Industry has evolved over the past few years.

Matching Monty was one of Industry's first games I fell in love with. Its simplicity, combined with well defined feedback and a flawless difficulty curve make it a fun and productive learning tool. Whether learning your shapes, colours, numbers, or letters, Matching Monty will be right beside you encouraging your every move!

I will always treasure the day voice actor Dave Pender Crichton came into the office to record lines for Matching Monty. It was the first moment I realized I was changing people's lives and I felt real excitement about being in the industry. Ever since, I always get a good chuckle when I hear his talented voice on the radio for other local commercials.

While I didn't get the pleasure of working on the original cruise line simulator Partyboat, I've had the opportunity to work on its three squeals.

A Box2D physics stacker Partyboat: Pileup where the cruise line is taking on extra cargo to reduce its operating costs. A 3D yacht driver Partyboat: Caribbean Cruise where you navigate, race, and party your way through the busiest harbours in the Caribbean, towards your assigned parking wharf. And PartyPutt, a 3D mini golf adventure set atop Partyboat's flagship.